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Birthdate:Nov 30
Hey, this is Jak.

I'm a hero with slight anger issues, I love racing, I've travelled time and I've had my share of adventures. Don't tell anyone, but I hide two sides of me.

I have long ears that stick out to those who never seen them. I have a bunch of enemies who all supposedly want a piece of me and I've saved the world exactly three.. no four times with my friend, Daxter.

I fight for my father, Damas who died in memory of me. I feel like this is my fault and he should still be alive.

But enough of that, Me and Daxter go way back, straight outta Sandover Village. I know 4th walling and all but I'm ok like that.

The city seems to like making a problem of me and Dax only when we save the city. We turn on the city, the city will never be happy.

So I rather spend my life as a Wastelander Prince born to the heir of Mar, one of the living legends in our world. Nobody exactly knows how Mar came to power, but he built Haven City and nobody probably will know that I'm him (secret's out).

Baron Praxis and Erol can kiss my ass for all I care. They hate me and I hate them. I have a personal vendetta against the man who ruined my life for two years in prison by two years of dark eco experimentation.

That's up on the lines of fucked up, don't you think?

But that's not the worst of my problems. Erol's back and he joined with the darkmakers to try to end my world once and for all. But we blew him sky high. Torn and Ashelin has taken over Haven City, and Sig has taken over the Wastelanders. Things like that will never happen again.

Jak/Mar is from name of Jak and Daxter Series and is the property of Naughty Dog. They appear here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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